the spoken and written word lives here!



 Come on blow the shells, 

let it echo through your bones 



For the longest time we huddled 

in the dark and gloomy caves  

Hiding from the shadows 

singing the blues away 

Come out of The Darkness 

Said the Jaguar in the night 

The Gods have changed the time has come 

to step into the light 

 Blow the conch, letcha ego down 

Let’s enter in the trance 

Star Godz, Star Godz  

they just wanna dance 

Head on Up to Mothership Station 

The Eagle is Waiting 

Sacred Yoni needs eaaaaatin’ 

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 

They give us a time zone,   

  they give us a belief 

We worship their money    

We work in their playground 

they give us a culture 

a history of myth 

mental slaves of doubt !! 

been here before 

indigo  shore  

playing this game  

in the dreaming world 

Gotta Shake it up 

and wake it up, 

Illimunate, emancipate, fascinate 

gonna light the flame 

and let it grow 

and fly with the wind 

from  out of   the darkness 

let’s all share what we found…. 

our Tribe’s  are getting stronger 

we’re not asleep any longer 

running through the jungle 

with a double headed snake 

dance naked in the moonlight 

see the Dawn of a New Day 

Come On, Blow the shells 

let it echo through your bones 

ahhhh ohhhhhhh  

ahhhh ohhhhhhh 

Playin this game in a dreaming world 

Indigo Shore 

From the earliest times of man 

From the earliest tribes 

Imagine if you can 

Light up the world with your love 

in the night,  

Star Godz, you know you got it 

Light up the world with your lovin tonight,  

Star Godz, you know you got it 

You know you got it, Start Actin’        !!!!!